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Xeon the Wind Folletti
Wind Folletti are tiny spirits distantly related to sylphs and sprites. Wind Folletti travel the world's ever shifting winds on enchanted little milk-weed pods and can control these winds and to some degree the weather that they bring. Their often times wild looking hair is actually made of tiny feathers, due to their air elemental heritage. Their natures are wild and fierce, sometimes savagely joyful, sometimes bitterly grim, other times stormy and capricious.

This is Xeon the Wind Folletti, brother to Doyle-master of the North Wind, but here their similarities end. Xeon is much grimmer and perhaps far more powerful than jovial Doyle. Xeon presides over the cold west winds of winter and autumn- the winds that bring gray storms of snow, sleet and freezing rain. However, he also rules over that magic and deadly wind that blows cold and lethal from the clear starry winter sky- freezing to death all living things it touches. Xeon also rules a more mysterious unearthly realm: the realm of the celestial winds, the star breeze, and the cold blast of space. Here, Xeon sails the cosmic seas, leaving star dust in his wake, like ripples on a pond. Sailing throughout the great cosmic void, Xeon proves that even a very small creature may do great things....

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