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Spruce is a jolly old fellow, as these somewhat quiet and thoughtful creatures go. But his passion is the telling of all the tales that have been told to him and his kind or that have unfolded beneath his own sweet scented boughs. Spruce is filled with tales merry and scary. His list is long of harrowing yarns whose ends can not be predicted and silly stories that puzzle and delight, or narratives filled with magic and adventure. All these are stored within Spruce's unseen library of accounts and adventures. Often these tales have been told to Spruce alone, and he passes them on to any open enough to hear them that have come to visit his grove. They will come to the lucky one in dreams or sudden visions of inspiration- blasting even the most intractable case of writer's block. He is friend to all tellers of tales and keepers of chronicles. Spruce is brother to the bard and companion to the balladeer. Sit and listen a while to what tales the trees have to tell…

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