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Flick, Florry and Baby Nub

Flick, Nub and Florry

Father Flick, Mother Florry, and their new and happy baby Nub are the most joyful of all the Pine Sprites within the magical Sacred Grove. Deep in the heart of this vast and enchanted woodland is their happy arboreal home. High in the protective branches and soft pine needles of their tree can be found this happy trio, basking in the light of the sun as the winds of the world blow with soft soughing through the branches of their tree. They embody the very essence of family and the true bond that exists between parents and their children. They are the realization of all the hopes and dreams of parents of all kinds everywhere and in their presence all families are protected and sacred.

Beneath the tree of Flick, Florry, and baby Nub everything is a little greener, a little brighter, and a sense of inner warmth and safety permeates all who sit beneath their tree. Being in the presence of the abode of this trio of Pine Sprites is to feel one's self returning home. Troubles never stay here- nor will they ever, nor will any dark thing set foot within the aura of the home of Flick, Florry, and baby Nub, for they have the strength of the family, and that is a powerful thing indeed.


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