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Shoto Phoots

Shoto Phoots Shoto Phoots is more like his distant cousins the Stray Sod Pixies- or the sometimes deadly prankster phooka of old- in that he is a bit of a practical joker himself and can often lead people astray. However, Shoto Phoots seeks not to cause the person to loose their way in life or on their own daily path, but rather to loose their sorrows. In his pranks and jibes lay the very essence of healing: laughter and the easing of sorrow from a troubled mind. Often while under the sheltering branches of Shoto Phoots' tree, one can hear distant laughter in the bough and instantly one feels a lightening of emotional burdens. Like a cloud passing out from in front of the sun, so too, does sadness and heaviness of heart pass away as Shoto Phoots assails his visitors with his pranks and humorous distractions. Still, within his eyes can be seen his true compassion for people who are in pain or whose lives are filled with grief. And thus Shoto Phoots seeks to give such troubled people some light and strength through laughter. Often times beneath his tree by the light of the full moon, hundreds of woodland faeries can be seen making merry and dancing mad jigs and reels as they laugh into the night. No dark thought lasts long in the presence of Shoto Phoots!

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