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Purddy Falterfoot and Ferrin the Poggle

Purddy and Ferrin Purddy Falterfoot is the Great Goblin Grandmother. While most goblins have a less than friendly reputation- to put it lightly- Purddy is one of the exceptions to that rule. Now this is quite ironic as she happens to be mother, grandmother and, of course, great grandmother to a great number of famous, infamous and not so famous goblins throughout history- the most notable being the infamous Lord Rottsroider. Purddy Falterfoot - it turns out, is really quite a softy, and has even moved quite well away from all such typical goblin cities and kingdoms, such as Snottsheim Marsh, home to the kingdom of Lord Rottsroider. Purddy lives deep in the woods near the mossy banks of secret streams in her home among the embracing roots of great trees within the Hedge itself- she being one of the very few goblins allowed to dwell within the Borderlands. There, she can often be found sitting upon her briar root Goblin Chair, reading quietly to herself or reading tales of daring-do and adventure to her dearest friend and near constant companion Ferrin the poggle- or "pig-faerie".

Purddy reading tales of adventure to Ferrin [Poggles, or "pig faeries", should not be confused with "faerie-pigs" which are an entirely different creature altogether. Poggles are beings of the Realms of Faerie, and they look, for all the world, like tiny winged pigs! It is believed that the very first "Poggle" was born when the very first mortal was heard to exclaim aloud and with great disdain the phrase, "When pigs fly…!" Poggles are gentle and fun-loving creatures in general, although their appearance has been known on occasion to be rather frightening as they can appear more like their cousins the wild boar. Generally, however, Poggles appear as sweet faced and rather well fed domesticated versions of pigs. Typically, Poggles are pink in color- with strange moss-like mottling on their backs, located in the space amid their feathery butterfly- like wings with tufts of green moss colored hair growing on their heads. Poggles are quite eloquent speakers, but terrible singers, and are also capable of changing their size at will. It is assumed by many of those of us who do such research in the field of all that is Faerie that their- Poggles- true size at maturation is approximately no more than one foot in length, give or take... Any human who sees a Poggle is fortunate indeed, for it is an omen of wealth, good fortune and stout health. Poggles are also protectors of pigs and all porcine beings throughout the world, in which the poor things seem to have fallen a bit short, due to the popularity of pork as food! However, Poggles are well intentioned gentle creatures nonetheless.]

Purddy Falterfoot met Ferrin when he was but a tiny pogglette, having saved her little friend from a hungry viper. Ferrin was just a little thing then, with wings barely more than tiny stubs. And so, Purddy Falterfoot, having been disappointed by her own goblin offspring- so it is said- took little Ferrin in to her own home and her heart, and raised him as one of her own numerous children. Ferrin's love and devotion to his adopted mother and dearest friend is unwavering. And so it is that they have been forever after fast and inseparable friends.

Purddy and Ferrin

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