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Notus-foehn the Wind Folletti
Wind Folletti are tiny spirits distantly related to sylphs and sprites. Wind Folletti travel the world's ever shifting winds on enchanted little milk-weed pods and can control these winds and to some degree the weather that they bring. Their often times wild looking hair is actually made of tiny feathers, due to their air elemental heritage. Their natures are wild and fierce, sometimes savagely joyful: sometimes bitterly grim, other times stormy but always capricious.

This is Notus-foehn the Wind Folletti, one of the masters of the south winds! It is he who brings the hot southern winds. At his best and most beneficial he is known to bring the thaw after winter's cold embrace. But at his worst and in his more troublesome moods he has been known to bring the furnace blast of the desert winds and the Dog Days of summer. He can summon up the deadly dry gusts that scorch the grass, trees, and brush dry and brittle and thus helps set the stage for deadly wild fires when his brother Albrecht summons his lightning bolts...

Notus-foehn is named for the master of the South wind- his elder brother Notus- and for the hot wind that blows down from on high: the foehn wind of the Alps. Often he can be seen in his brightly colored clothes darting through the sky like a brilliant spark of fire- and when one sees him it is always best to be on ones best behavior, for while Notus-foehn can be a warm hearted fellow full of tropical delight he can also be fiery and as grim as the desert in his wrath!

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