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Kicklecrooks the Brewmeister of the Hedgerow

Kicklecrooks the Brewmeister This is Kicklecrooks the hedge-boggle brewmeister. He works closely with Oblevaatts in the Hedge Brewery/Vintner, where the Firethorn wine is distilled and aged. Here, Kicklecrooks is responsible for the brewing of his Junipermoss Mead! Kicklecrooks is a seemingly dour little fellow- but is actually said to be second only to the festive Ambassador Lamont for his capacity for making merry and consumption of Firethorn Wine and Junipermoss Mead. However, he can often be seen in the middle of his rounds- examining the vats of mead within the hedge-boggle brewery, dressed in his worn brewer's apron, with his ever present mead stained walking stick/stirrer, acorn dipping ladle, and personal mixing vat- all of which seem to have special properties that remains a secret kept from all but his fellow brewers.

Kicklecrooks preparing Junipermoss mead

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