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Jervous Nitters

Jervous Nitters feeling a bit nervous! Jervous Nitters has had a hard way to go: he was forced to set out on his own a bit before his time when one stormy and turbulent night his own parent tree was struck repeatedly by fire and flame when lightning came crashing down out of the sky again and again! Though he has since healed from that fateful day, Jervous forever bears the scars of that time- for the scales of his pine cone top still appear burned by the fire from on high. This is also why he seems a bit distressed and nervous. Despite all his misfortune though, Jervous journeyed forth from his parent tree to seek his fate in the world. He carries with him the staff of Life and after many adventures- both good and bad- and having traveled for a very, very long time, he dwells now in the Sacred Glen beside Dame Kamayhoo, helping to tend those lost and abandoned souls who come seeking refuge and healing there.

Jervous is a kind and gentle creature even if he is a bit on the jittery side and seemingly forever more than a little melancholy... Jervous reminds us that even though one may live well and do good things, still sometimes misfortune can rain down on us from out of the blue again and again for seemingly no reason at all. But it is for us to decide to either surrender to our current misfortune or choose to pick ourselves up from the ashes like a phoenix and move on to a new life and a new way. Jervous has the benefit of hard lessons and having survived them, he has remained a kindhearted and healing soul even if a bit sad at times. He is strong without being brutish and a tender renewing spark of life while never forgetting the lessons learned. Jervous is both wise and forgiving, and with the venerable Dame Kamayhoo, they see to all those in need of healing and all those who have become lost or who have lost hope. Jervous helps give all the strength to hold on for just a little while longer…the strength to carry on and to renew ones life.

Jervous Nitters
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