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Gerome and Kendhall the Grig

Gerome and Kendhall the Grig
Gerome is an incredibly old Pine Sprite and one of the very unique few who took to 'the ridding', found his grove and settled back in as a rooted tree, becoming once again young Pine Sprite. In fact, he is so old that he has become overgrown with mosses and the like, though he suffers no rot or decay. Gerome has long since ceased worrying about the outside world and his ancient grove lies outside the realms of mortal man and more within the realms of Faerie. These days Gerome mostly sleeps dreaming magical dreams. Otherwise, he can be seen or heard conversing with his constant companion Kendhall the Grig.

Kendhall is a member of a sub-species of pixie, known as Grigs. They are small even by pixie standards. Grigs are closely related to peapod pixies. Grigs prefer the more wild places of the world, frequenting woodlands where they will often attach themselves to older Pine Sprites. Grigs will actually take up residence within the cones of Pine Sprites-but only rather larger individuals.

Kendhall the Grig
Initially, I had thought this a parasitic relation, but as it turns out, it is mutually beneficial and even borders on symbiotic. Grigs keep Pine Sprites clear of predation by parasitic insects, plants, humans, and members of the Unseelie court who might bring harm to the wise old Pine Sprites. Kendhall and Gerome are very close friends by choice as much by necessity, and thoroughly enjoy one another's company.

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