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Bungle dancing Bungle Boggle (hedge-boggle’s more precise)
Is a terrible klutz, ‘though he’s really quite nice.
He stumbles and fumbles, and makes mistakes
But he’s always willing to do what it takes
To help out others within the Hedge.

One day, however, Bungle for a meeting was late,
And, running too fast, he tripped and fell through the gate
That led from the Hedge to the outside world.
He bounced and he tumbled, and downward was hurled
Out to a place he didn’t quite know.

So now, poor Bungle is really quite lost
His clumsiness, it seems, bore a great cost-
For still young Bungle has yet to find his way
Back to his home, and so, day after day,
He searches for a home, a friendly place where he could stay.

Bungle Ponders! Bungle Standing Thinking

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