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Twig the Thespian

Twig in the Jar Twig the hedge-boggle is one of a small group of performance boggles. He plays various roles in a live theater ensemble called ‘Live from the Hedge’. In his latest role, Twig is playing an unfortunate boggle that has been caught unawares by some exploring human child (a highly unlikely scenario, if one is even casually versed in hedge-boggle lore, but entertaining) and captured. He is supposed to have been placed in a jar like some interesting bug, to be brought home and be displayed to the incredulous eyes of the child’s unbelieving parents. The original play was put on and written by famous hedge-boggle play-write Jacques Ives Oakwort. It was, initially, very controversial, but extremely popular with the younger crowd. Twigs performance as a captured hedge-boggle was so convincing that eventually disclaimers had to be circulated, assuring viewers that no actual harm had come to him for the role, also stating that he had in no way been coerced to perform the part.

As it happens, Twigs sense of drama can often be overdone, and his sense of mischievousness can frequently be cause for alarm among inhabitants of the Hedge as well as invaders!! This humble chronicler met him after having been invited to one of the performances of Jacques Ives Oakwort’s controversial- and terribly named- play “Trail of Discovery, Trail of Doom!”

We seemed to hit it right off and became fast friends. However, unbeknownst to me at the time, he had followed me out of the Hedge and into my own time and world! Upon discovering my stow away companion - he had secreted himself within my rucksack - he confessed a burning desire to get more actual experience with the world of men, so as to make his performance all the more convincing. I proposed that he be the star and model for a class I intended to teach for a group of older children on how to make their own hedge-boggle figurines. He agreed to this readily enough, but would not remain with me, and has been seen only intermittently by myself and others. Indeed, Twig has invaded the web-site somehow and is loose! He can often be found running all about the virtual world, sometimes mimicking other individuals within the site! For the time being, I have convinced him to remain at a local library performing his role as the ill-fated ‘boggle in a bottle’- although it is actually a jar from the aforementioned, though badly named, play.

Twig escaping
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