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The World of Esoterra

Esoterra… A land where dragons circle like great, metallic vultures in a slow, spiraling dance through deep blue skies over trackless desert landscapes. A world where complex societies made up of the subterranean races known as the dwarves and gnomes coexist with surface dwelling humans, elves, and wise trows (also known as the ‘people of peace’). A realm where, on nights when the bloody crescent moon of Crom Cruach fills the sky with its dread, bleary glow, it would behoove the traveler to seek shelter, lest the Unseelie Court carry him off, never to be seen again! Here, the enchanted islands of the Tuatha De Danu, the Daoine Sidhe, and their descendants, the faeries, shine like shimmering jewels within a sea of rainbows. A shining planet where the oceans team with as many great cities as does the land, waters populated by fearsome wyrums, noble mere-folk, and wise old gods. Upon Esoterra, there grow vast forests that cover entire continents and the Howling Chasm- torn by the Bloody Scythe of the dark god Crom Cruach, himself- splits another great land in half. There is great good and great evil and many things that dance upon the glowing thread between the two. Battles that span hundreds of years are fought upon her surface between creatures of legend and nightmare, for both righteous and selfish reasons.

Esoterra. It literally means ‘inner world’. It is where dreams are real, every imagining given flesh, and everything is possible. Esoterra is the ultimate realization of the dreaming of a god. It is the repository of all the dreams, good and bad, creative and destructive. It is where all things that are remembered in our world as only myths and legends, fairy tales and folklore have gone to live. In this other universe, all these things are brought into being upon a great world known as Esoterra when the god, Ruadh Ro-Fheasa (‘All-knowing noble/ lord of perfect/great knowledge’) awakes from his great dreaming. He wakes from a vision and makes the first of his greatest works, the shining world of Esoterra. Then he places upon it the next two of his great works, The Sacred Valley and the Hallowed Grove. The Sacred Valley is the place wherein many of the various tribes and races of Esoterra are brought into being. Also contained within it is the vast Hallowed Grove. And within the Grove, the parents of the trees and plants of all of Esoterra dwell and it is here that the source of the very first river is found, the river that ultimately feeds all other bodies of water upon Esoterra. And from that valley all life spread forth, moving far across the face of Esoterra. However, Ruadh Ro-Fheasa’s siblings - the Fomhoire, whose name means ‘the dark of the sea’ for they are the darkness between the light of the stars- grow jealous, and covet this new and rare thing. It is they who bring to fruition all the dark things that Ruadh Ro-Fheasa dreamed of, and knew must come one day. And thus, the Great Wheel of life for Esoterra is set into motion, and many tales were to unfold, great and small, tragic and triumphant, humorous and horrifying, but always wonderful.

© The World of Kevin Buntin