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The Spaces In Between

Woodland Magic by C.Pieroni 2006
Come join us here, within the spaces in between.
The secret places ‘midst the roots, ‘twixt the leaves,
In tangled twisting labyrinthine
Vines and branching avenues
Hidden by mist and time.
When wind has stopped
When moon is new
In the out-time that belongs neither to
Spring nor summer
In the twilight hour
When the sky belongs to day and night
Before shadows rule
And all is gray
You shall hear our pattering
You shall hear our trooping
You shall sense our invisible steps.
And though you see no stirring of leaf
Nor bending of grass
Nor shaking of limb,
Be still, for your ears wont lie!
Quiet living jewels of a time gone by, the shimmering stars shall appear
In this time between times, and we shall come:
We of the Borderlands
We of the Hedge,
We who guard the gates!
Before your very eyes
No movement will be seen!
Upon your face no breeze will fall,
Yet the sound of thousands
Upon thousands
O f trooping, tramping
Faerie feet
Shall assail your ears.
Is there a rustling in the Hedgerow?
Be silent, be respectful,
Be at peace.
Then, shall you be welcome.

-Kevin Buntin
May 27, 2004 ©

© The World of Kevin Buntin