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Skump the Sand Noll

Skump the Sand Noll
This is Skump the Sand Noll, his species is a recent discovery for me- your humble chronicler and field researcher into the Realms of Faerie. While spending a bit of time exploring the shores and beaches of lakes and salt water marshes and ocean sides- areas a bit out of the normal range of those places that this researcher tends to frequent- I began to hear tales of a very diminutive spirit reported to inhabit these realms where the elements of water and earth meet and exist in harmony. Eventually I was lucky enough to encounter several of them: the Sand Nolls. It is believed that they are named thusly for two reasons: firstly Sand Nolls are known to sometimes make their homes under sandy mound-like structures much as Irish Sidhe live under hills tops, and secondly this name is rumored to have originated from the strange belief that the Sand Nolls' craniums- "noll" being an obscure word for "head"- are, in fact, made of sand! This later supposition was due to many humans misunderstanding of some of the Sand Nolls other abilities, which are amazing enough as they are. Be that as it may, this humble elficologist himself beliefs that the premise that Sand Nolls have heads of sand to be a bit inaccurate. What follows are the details I was able to glean from these somewhat shy and reluctant beings themselves as well as from more reliable human sources.

These little beings inhabit sandy beaches or rocky fresh and salt water coast lines- living mainly in little hidden grottos among the rocks and boulders, or within the roots of trees when forests grow near the water. When not in their tidy dry little homes, they frequent tide pools, looking for their food and for all manner of treasures: bits of sea glass, shiny pebbles, shells, interesting bits of driftwood, or any lost trinkets that the sea has given back to the land. Sand Nolls often appear to be rather dour and ill-tempered- but their grimace is usually due to their perpetual squint in the face of the dazzling sunlight off of the water. One other reason they often appear that way to humans is due to their general dislike and mistrust of humans.

Their eyes are either bright blue or an emerald green, their skin often resembles sand or a rock-like substance and is quite tough, and they favor colors that blend in with their surroundings. They will, however, adorn themselves with many of their finds. This serves a dual purpose: it acts to show off to other Sand Nolls their individual finds and it also acts as camouflage on the beaches. Thus, a Sand Noll can often appear to be nothing more than a pile of debris or flotsam washed up on the beach to the eyes of any nearby humans or hungry birds! They all wear the characteristic conical shell hat pictured here- sometimes adorned with ferns or seaweed or other greenery- and a seeming patch-work of found bits of cloth and leather and old netting. Whenever a Sand Noll is caught unaware by humans or predators, she sinks into the sand, leaving only her conical shell hat behind. This is a last resort method of escape, however, as Sand Nolls hate to be caught outside of their grottos without their protective shell hats, and it can be quite difficult for them to acquire another without coming to harm.


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