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Robin the Dragonfly Faerie

robin the Dragonfly Faerie

Robin is but one of the many creatures known as the Dragonfly Faeries, almost all of whom make up the revered and legendary guardians of the Main Gates to the Hedge- the much feared Dragonfly Militia. It is their sole responsibility to guard not just the Grand Entrance to the Hedgerow, but they are the personal guardians to the very throne of the Green Lady herself, Queen Trillium.

Robin himself became most famous and well known for his assignment to keep an eye on one of the more famous invaders to the Hedgerow- the goblin Gumperrttee Gambleham- though he wound up doing more in the way of protecting poor Gumperrttee from the more troublesome and deadly traps within the Hedge. After poor old Gumperrttee had been told by his foul Lord Rottsroider to, "… sneaks back here, see? To Snottsheim Marsh and tells wot all you learned- all duh secrets and maybe how to kill all them hedge-rats and gets in to the Hedge itself!" After which Lord Rottsroider bade Gumperrttee "Follow that map…it'll lead ya to a Gate into the land of the Hedge-rats! GO!!" Upon which he was literally thrown out of the village and across the swamp and nearly right into the Hedge! After Gumperrttee devised what was, at best, a most ridiculous and wholly ineffective "disguise", the hapless goblin infiltrated the Hedge and was found out almost immediately by Robin himself. Robin and Gumperrttee continued for quite some time: Gumperrttee observing every day life within the Hedge, thinking himself undetected, all the while being watched and shadowed by Robin the Dragonfly Faerie.

Robin flying Finally, riddled with guilt and a now undeniable desire to live freely among the Hedge dwellers, Gumperrttee decided that he should "reveal himself" and beg for mercy from the Green Lady. And so it was that Robin allowed himself to be "found" by Gumperrttee and eventually led the little goblin to the High Green Court and begged an audience with Queen Trillium on Gumperrttee's behalf. Robin did so quite willingly, for during the weeks of his guardianship of the goblin, Robin found himself becoming quite fond of the fumbling and not-so-evil little fellow. Queen Trillium took mercy on the poor mistreated little fellow, realizing that Gumperrttee was more likely to use his wicked looking goblin dagger to cut up vegetables as to harm any living creature, and even granted Gumperrttee citizenship within the Hedgerow- much to Gumperrttee's delight! Robin remained Gumperrttee's guide and constant companion, and they remain fast friends to this day. However, Robin never did reveal to his friend the fact that they'd known he was there the whole time!

Robin and Gumperrttee

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