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Queen Trillium, The Green Lady

Queen Trillium

The Realm known as the Hedge (by those who know of such things at all, dear reader!) is ruled over and protected by the Green Man and the Green Lady and the High Green Court. Though the Green Man is consort to the Queen, his rule is primarily more of an elemental one, ruling over all things green and growing. The Green Manís actual Throne of Ivy is far from his belovedís side, for he spends a great deal of his time within Faerie proper. The actual rule and supervision of the Hedge is directly the responsibility of her Majesty, the Green Lady- Queen Trillium.

The High Green Court consists of Queen Trillium, occasionally the Green Man, usually during the winter months, and the attendant Green Maids. The Green Maids are the children of Queen Trillium and her consort, and in addition to attending her royal majesty, they make up one of the two largest sub-groups of faeries within the Hedge. Also among the courtiers are representatives of the many other faerie tribes and clans who call the Hedge their home. Only citizens of the Hedge know the actual location of the High Green Court. And, though this humble chronicler has been fortunate enough to have appeared before the royal throne, he could no more tell you how to find your own way there than he could tell you how to turn lead to gold. Nor can the location be learned by any creature that the Queen does not wish to know of it, for within the Hedge the Green Ladyís power is absolute. And so, the Court remains concealed by mists and false paths from all but those whom she wishes to appear before her. The Queenís constant companion is Milford the hedge-boggle, her personal court jester and fool (and self-styled ladyís boggle!). The High Green Court itself seems too large for the whole of the Hedge, but then that is how things work in the Faerie realms and certainly the Borderland is no exception. It is a grand green place of enormous gnarled roots and thick verdant carpets of moss of every texture and color. Everywhere can be seen sweet scented flowers, as well as little pools and fountains, about which light-green skinned Green Maids can be seen dancing and laughing. And at the very heart of it all is the tangible seat of Queen Trilliumís power- the Briarwood Throne of Three. To either side of Queen Trilliumís throne stand dragonfly faerie guards, shimmering metallic greens and blues glistening in the strange faerie lamplight. The throne itself rests within a great mossy hollow amidst the roots of an enormous tree, the top of which this humble chronicler has yet to see.

Queen rillium The Briarwood Throne of Three derives its name from the three mystic stones that lay beneath each of the thrones three roots. The nature of these stones is mostly unknown, at least by this chronicler. One thing that is common knowledge throughout the mystic communities, however, is that no lie can be told in the presence of these wondrous stones without Queen Trillium knowing it for what it is. They were a gift from both the Chief of all the gnome clans and the Dwarf Lord to Trillium for her role in settling a disagreement between their people over a disputed mine that fell upon a mutual border. The matter was brought before the Faerie High Council. The Green Lady, who sat with her consort upon the council, had come to an equitable decision: the dwarves could mine the area and the gnomes could use the jewels and precious metals from the mines to fashion wondrous items for both peoples. This decision had so delighted both the dour little gnomes and the grim faced dwarves that they each had come dangerously close to smiling. The first item that both the Dwarf Lord and the Gnome Chieftain wrought together were the Three Stones, which they gave to the Queen and upon that was set the living Briarwood Throne.

Trillium can oft times be found here playing chess and listening to music played by her Green Maid musicians accompanied by piping fauns while drinking the famous (infamous?) Firethorn wine from a simple looking acorn cup. The cup, too, is more than it appears, for it never empties and the wine within gives the imbiber special sight, allowing one to see all that is hidden and also to see into the realm of Faerie. If a human drinks from this tiny cup, he or she is also able to pass through into the Faerie world. However, there is a risk, for the Firethorn wine has been known to cause some mortals to go mad or fall into a deep sleep, which can last anywhere from a few hours to as long as a century. In fact, it is from the Green Ladyís cup alone that any mortal may drink with assurance that no harm will result from imbibing the draught. Though this is a rare gift indeed! From the throne she rules over and protects the borderlands from enemies, while testing others that would gain passage to the Faerie Realms beyond.

Queen Trillium and Milford Queen Trillium herself can take on as many forms as she has names. Within the Hedge she often appears somewhat diminutive in size, typical of many lesser faeries; gossamer winged and small. Nevertheless, Queen Trilliumís very presence betrays her station and authority, despite her appearance. She can, in any environment, change her shape in less than the time it takes to think about the form. At the center of her chest hangs the Emerald Leaf, which is the master to all the keys to the Hedge. Her eyes are as green as the amulet and her hair is thick and as wild as her domain, and can either be deep reddish brown or, when she adopts her Green Lady persona, dark leafy green. Queen Trillium prefers to wear only shades of green and the myriad shades and tones of brown that one would find in the wooded and green places of the world. Within the Faerie Realm- and the High Green Court when it pleases her- however, she more closely resembles the aristocratic Tuatha D? Danaan from whom she descends: pleasing to the eye, though a bit more grim than her Hedge persona, and certainly taller than most mortal women, dressed more elegantly than whimsically, and sometimes of a complexion like unto the color of new spring leaves.

At times Queen Trillium is inclined to merry making and at other times she can be quite stern and even frightening in her wrath. Likewise the Hedge can be beautiful and strange and just as suddenly turn dangerous and deadly. However, Trillium takes her role as protector and ruler of the Hedge very much to heart, even though her nature is very similar to the qualities of the Hedge; hard to define and somewhat capricious. Even the most rabidly hardened goblins have been known to drop everything and turn to run like frightened children in her presence, while trolls stop dead in their tracks. It is always a mistake to rouse her anger. In spite of this, in the end Queen Trillium allows her sense of fairness and justice to prevail, sometimes to the great dismay of the accused!

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