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Milford playing the fool One of the most highly placed and well known of the hedge-boggles is Milford, the Queen’s constant companion and her personal court jester and fool (and self-styled lady’s boggle, if Milford himself is asked!). Milford is seldom serious, forever making jokes and telling riddles when not spending time wooing Pillywiggens and Green Maidens. Despite Milford’s apparent frivolity it is he who often times is sought out by the many beings far and wide- aside from his own Queen Trillium- to help discover the “root of the matter” as it were, for Milford seems most adept at finding it! The old saying “Many a truth is often spoken in jest…” I am told by my sources in the Hedge, actually had its source in the Hedge itself, and was a reference to Milford and his own knack for cutting to the heart of the matter with his own jests and parodies.

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