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Merc the Hedge-boggle Runner

Mercr This is Merc. He is one of a specialized group of hedge-boggles belonging to the Prickle Top clan known as ‘runners’. Runners are the messengers of the court of Queen Trillium, and are used by many others within her realm.

Runners are noted for their great speed and swiftness. No power within or without the realms of Faerie or the Hedge can stay the runners! They move as silently as the shadow of a cloud over open fields. They run at the speed of thought, even avoiding the grasp of time and distance. They drift in and out of all worlds like dreams shared by a universal mind. They pass as easily through rock and water as roots through earth and dolphins through the ocean. The only time anyone sees them is when they arrive to deliver their message or just before they depart to take a message away. It has been speculated that, perhaps, runners do not even sleep! They seem to subsist on honeysuckle nectar alone. Very little else is known about them, let alone individual runners (not even the great Hieronymus has anything to add on the subject!), except for their names, which, when called, they answer to immediately, regardless of where they might be.

Merc is the personal messenger to Queen Trillium herself, often carrying messages back and forth between the queen from her court within the Hedgerow proper and her consort and king, the mysterious entity known only as the Green Man, who dwells within Faerie as well as the world of man.

Merc is an OOAK figure made of blended Sculpey III and Super Sculpey combined with natural materials. His hand stitched costume features decorative glass beads, leather and other fabrics, all over a soft sculpture body which provides adequate representation of Merc’s awesome speed and agility! He comes with a natural limestone stand.

Merc Running Away Merc Taking A Message

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