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Hill Willy

Hill Willy
Hill Willy is a bit of a recluse, a highland hermit of the utmost degree. His tree is on a distant lofty, lonely peak, far from all the other hills, deep in the heart of the sacred Hunting Grounds, once called Kaintukee. There, atop this forlorn hill grows a thick copse of pines, and very few mortals have ever set foot therein. Here, Hill Willy looks out upon the world, seeing all things present and past and all things that will ever be. This hill, this grove, this tree that is Hill Willy's, is removed from all time and normal space, and exists in the Eternal Hereafter. Only true seekers of peace and wisdom, only those who would live all times at once and see the wisdom of it all may come to Hill Willy's high home. But none may stay for too long but that they must bring the knowledge back to the mortal world to impart to us all the light of their learning. Hill Willy is the Keeper of this knowledge and one of the Guardians of the Gateway to the eternal.

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