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Hieronymus the Hedge-Mage

Hieronymus giving us a twirl!

"Hieronymus the Hedge-Mage has been this humble chronicler's primary source of information regarding the Hedge as well as the other realms of Faerie. And, until just recently, my only source. Eventually I was given the great honor of having received a personal invitation from her grace, Queen Trillium herself, into the Hedge. (One word of advice, dear reader: never accept too much freely given firethorn wine, even if given from the Green Lady's own chalice!! Such exquisite headaches I had never before, nor since, experienced!!)

And now, Hieronymus, who himself had been a complete- albeit amiable- mystery, has chosen to lift the veil of secrecy! And, due to recent events and the advent of my revelation to the world of the Hedge- with the permission of Queen Trillium- he has chosen to reveal to me some of his own story. Some, but only some, dear reader, will I reveal here.

Hieronymus the Hedge-Mage

I will tell the tale of Hieronymus' origin- it seems he is actually one of the oldest members of the Court of the Daoine Sidhe! It also turns out that he has two younger brothers. Of the youngest, he would say only that he had left both Faerie proper and the Hedge long ago to serve at the dark Court of the Unseelie. He said his name is Gerrronymus (it should be noted that the name sounded more like a growl, similar to a goblin name), and said, for the time being, he could bring himself to say no more. His second brother- the middle child- he said was, in many ways, even more disappointing, at least to the Sidhe, than Gerrronymus. Indeed, Hieronymus had to admit that often times - much to his shame- that he quite forgot all about him altogether. His name, it seems, is Anonymous. (I started to scoff and laugh, thinking he was making a joke. But I saw, dear reader, that he was quite serious about his middle brother's name!) He said that of his next to youngest brother there was almost NOTHING to say...."

Hieronymus and the Sacred Nut Face to Face with Hieronymus Side view of Hieronymus
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