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Hale, Howl and Harrumph

There is a time when Night and Day are even and the Veil between this world and the Other World grows thin and creatures travel back and forth willingly or unwillingly. One such day is the first day of Spring- known as Beltane, the Light half of the year and a time of fruitfulness and fertility, a hopeful welcoming of summer. However, as all forces have their exact opposite in nature, so too does this sacred day have it's dark counterpart, and that day is known as Samhain: it is the ending of the old year and the beginning of a new year, a time of the darkening of the sun, when all the pent up troubles and unresolved ills of the old year are unleashed, a time of reckoning and a settling of debts. Howl The spirits run free and are available for those not too faint of heart to make contact with. The Pumpkin King is the very embodiment of this time of year and ushers in all these energies. He also is the Keeper of the Field of Lost Souls, where grow the howling living jack-o-lanterns- which are all that remain of those who summoned the Pumpkin King but failed to face the consequences of their own selfish actions or to settle up old debts they had accrued over time. The Pumpkin King can offer the key to a new year and a new life, but only after one settles old debts and atones for old wrongs. To benefit from the Pumpkin King's gift, one must release old outmoded ways and prepare Harrumph to embrace the new. Otherwise, one risks being forever trapped within the limbo in which the original old Jack was trapped, forever doomed to wander between heaven, hell, and the waking world of men- just another pumpkin within the Field of Lost Souls! So summon the Pumpkin King not idly, lest ye be prepared to pay up, one way or another….

Such was the fate of these three wily characters from the legendary haunted pumpkin patch of the great Pumpkin King- the Field of Lost Souls! They are: Hale, Howl, and Harrumph! Forever trapped within the vast fields of the Pumpkin King where it is forever the night of All Hallow's Eve, where the only season is Autumn, they must keep their soul-candles lit, a warning to all those who might likewise succumb to their folly.

Hale, Howl and Harrumph

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