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Bungle applauds you all! I have set aside this space to express my gratitude and boundless thanks to my loyal “Gathering” or “Gleaning Sprites” for the varied and wonderful materials they have given me over the last few years, and most importantly, the moral support. Some of these materials have made it possible to bring to life my most well known species of Fae and other miscellaneous creations! The list seems to continue to grow, along with the friendships! And so, I give a much deserved thanks to…

Tina B.

(…for loving me- it’s a mystery- and for inspiring me to do all this to begin with… she awakened a sleeping giant in me I had thought quite dead! For names- intentional and unintentional, unquotable quotes, and more laughter than I deserve! And for the sacrifice of time, patience, money, and very likely sanity! How I love her….)

Jamie S.

(Sweetest girl there is!!! She has offered many names, material, and sound art direction… who knew?)

Cory B.

(For photos, and for the other predominant Hedge-boggle clans’ material. For support- he’s my number one fan- and…. Energetic enthusiasm, the like of which no one else could ever give. Thanks bro…)

Tracy & Steve B.

(…for more things than I have space! What more can I say….?)

Kelly S.

(The Hedge-boggles could never have continued to swell their ranks without your buckets of wonderful contributions!! And for lovely chunks of rescued wood that I would normally have to bid on elsewhere….)

Larry & Shirley G.

(Responsible for that first hand full of acorn caps that whispered to me of the Hedge-boggles to begin with!! And for accepting an ‘artist’ into their fold!)

Mike, Natalie, Corey, and Kelly R.

(What a team!!!! Shells, nuts, driftwood, and uprooted roots! What’s next??)

Gayla B.

(For poetry, praise, support and an open invitation to her family’s woods- not to mention all the enchanted, beautiful things she gleaned like precious grain and gave to me… I do intend to hold you to that invitation to visit those woods! Surely one of the many gates to the Hedge opens there!)

Renee & Blaise H.

Beth G. & Jana D.

(Keepers of another place where one can find a gate to the lands of the Hedge.)

Tammy S.

Miriam Thomas and Kelly Merrick

(for LOADS of bounty from the River and the Mossy Paradise!)

... and more to come, I'm sure!!!

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