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Xeon the Wind Folletti Wind Folletti are tiny spirits distantly related to sylphs and sprites. Wind Folletti travel the world's ever shifting winds on enchanted little milk-weed pods and can control these winds and to some degree the weather that they bring. Their often times wild looking hair is actually made of tiny feathers, due to their air elemental heritage. Their natures are wild and fierce, sometimes savagely joyful, sometimes bitterly grim, other times stormy and capricious.

This is Doyle the Wind Folletti! Doyle is a north wind Folletti, his checks and nose blushed red with the fierce and cold northern winds! His clothes and wild hair are the color of a crisp clear winter sky! Though the northern winds can be bitter cold, Doyle is ever jovial and boisterous, roaring with breathless laughter and mischievous mirth!

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