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Dame Kamayhoo the Pine Sprite

Dame Kamayhoo the Pine Sprite
Dame Kamayhoo: the great mother of all Pine Sprites and mistress of the Sacred Grove, sister to the Green Lady, Mother Nature, and the Root Mother, she is the head of the Ancient Pine Grove and among the most senior of all the Pine Sprite Elders. It is she who has been entrusted with the sacred Heart of the Wood: the amber heart shaped talisman that hangs about her neck. The powers of this revered artifact are unknown to this humble chronicler, but its powers are indeed great. Dame Kamayhoo is not just the Keeper of the Ancient Wisdom of the Grove, however, for it is to her that many who wander lost and alone- who have been cast out from the world- often come for sanctuary, to find a place to call home. She heals all who come to her- in mind, body and soul… all that are lost are found again in her warm Earth Mother’s embrace. Human, fae and even those of darker natures come to her and are not refused…and none that come remain unchanged. No thing can touch her and time falls away from her like water from the swans back. Here within the Sacred Grove can she be found...with the wisdom of countless years...ever has she been and ever shall she be...beyond the short and foolish lives of we humans.

Dame Kamayhoo with the sacred Heart of the Wood

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