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Illuminites are living creatures of great magic, being distantly related to the spirits of fire, the Salamanders. Illuminites, however, represent the fire of inspiration and illuminate the mind with knowledge as well as the darkness of the night with their special light. Illuminites are very wise and knowing, and have given inspiration to many famous writers throughout the centuries. They themselves know many stories and tales. Illuminites prefer places where many books can be found or where there are those who love learning and creating. Every Illuminite is as different from each other as humans are from one other; some prefer music and inspire composers and musicians, while others have a love for nature and science, or art, or folklore and mythology. Each Illuminite usually manages to find its way to the person with whom it shares the same interests and loves and who would appreciate the company of the Illuminite most. Just being in the presence of an Illuminite can be, well, illuminating!

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