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Antoine the Sleep Sprite

Many have heard of the Sand Man and are familiar with his comings and goings. Afterall, how would sleep ever come to any of us without his magic sand of dreams? But few know of his little assistants- the Sleep-sprites. Sleep-sprites are closely related to such creatures as Yule-sprites- commonly misnamed "Christmas Elves"- and help the Sand Man in the same way as Yule-sprites help Father Christmas. From time to time even a being as powerful as the Sand Man needs help with his workload, and that is where the Sleep-sprites come in. When the stars come out at night, they slip into bedrooms, unseen and silent as moonglow, and sprinkle their magic dust in the air near the would-be dreamer and cause the eyes to grow heavy with sleep, and before one knows it, sleep takes hold. Many of the Sleep-sprites tend to small children and babies- although often times not even an entire army of Sleep-sprites can bring sleep to a particularly fussy baby! Sleep-sprites also try to make sure that wicked Nightmares and Night Horrors do not bring bad dreams to small children.

This is Antoine, and he is but one of many Sleep-sprites. Antoine is among the oldest of his brothers and sisters, and specializes in dreams that inspire his chosen sleeper as well as bringing gentle, restful sleep. Antoine is also very good at chasing away the many mischievous spirits of the night that bring bad dreams and restless nights. With Antoine near, the sleeper need never fear things that go bump in the night.

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