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Ambassador Lamont

Ambassador Lamont Ambassador Lamont has, indeed, become in hedge–boggle history one of the most significant of all the denizens of the Hedge - especially considering that he ends up spending so very little time within the Hedge. Ambassador Lamont is the liaison between the Borderlands and the High Green Court and those lands and people/creatures outside the Realms of the Borderlands. Furthermore, Ambassador Lamont was directly appointed by Her Royal Majesty, Queen Trillium, to this post. Her Royal Majesty, Queen Trillium, decided years ago to appoint Lamont to the post of Ambassador due to his gentle nature, firm, judicious decisions, lighthearted spirit and personal likeability (he can count among his friends such diverse and heretofore considered unredeemable creatures as a Night Hag, a Troll Mage, several goblins and at least one prince to the Court of the Night Faeries). Lamont is also known for his ability to make merry on a monumental level- his dual acorn-cap drinking chalice is renowned throughout seven realms, as well as its wielder’s ability with it!

Normally hedge-boggles are not quite as flamboyant as Lamont, most preferring to blend more into their environment. However, due to Lamont's station and duties of state, he must appear thusly- and quite honestly, he prefers to do so anyway! He bears many of the awards and gifts from the many and varied lands to which he has been and resided therein for years on end. Among the most significant of the lands and peoples he has served as representative of the Hedgerow were the merfolk off the coast of North Shore Rain Forest regions from whom he received many honors and rewards. Also, there was his tenure within the Court of the Night Faeries- an appointment that, thankfully for Lamont, did not last long! However, he still earned their respect- as not all Night Faeries are bad, despite prevailing prejudices- and received from them two of their highest tokens of esteem: the Blue Moon and the Sapphire Owl. He even received a magic seeing stone from a Rock Troll Shaman and his enchanted staff from a Troll Mage.

Lamont is now on his last mission, and will be moving to the Great Forest as a recent exchange of ambassadors between these two great realms- the wise Noldo having taken up residence within the Hedge. Lamont will retire therein and will thus be taking up permanent residence within the Forest himself. Lamont will be missed by all within the Hedge!

Ambassador Lamont waves Farewell
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