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Albrecht the Rainmaker

Albrecht the Wind Folletti
Wind Folletti are tiny spirits distantly related to sylphs and sprites. Wind Folletti travel the world's ever shifting winds on enchanted little milk-weed pods and can control these winds and to some degree the weather that they bring. Their often times wild looking hair is actually made of tiny feathers, due to their air elemental heritage. Their natures are wild and fierce, sometimes savagely joyful: sometimes bitterly grim, other times stormy but always capricious.

This is Albrecht the Rain Maker, the Wind Folletti of storms and rain. Albrecht is as changeable and tempestuous as the very storms and rains that he can bring. Unlike some of his brothers, Albrecht does not so much preside over a specific wind, but rather he is the master of the gray thunderstorms: the commander of lightning and the bringer of rain. He sews his enchanted storm crystals- kept in a magic bag that always replenishes itself- in the clouds as he rides throughout the skies, darting in and out of clouds like a tiny leaf on the signature enchanted pod of the Wind Folletti, bringing rain to the lands below. Sometimes, however, Albrecht has been known to bring, instead of a gentle rain, raging thunderstorms and tempests to land and sea, sinking ships and bringing buildings low! Thus showing that even the smallest of creatures can bring about the greatest of events! Indeed, Albrecht can bring much needed rain to drought ridden lands but likewise he can make sure it never comes and it is he that has been responsible for many lands that were once fertile and green turn to veritable dust bowls and deserts. He summons the raging storm and the deadly deluge, or takes the rain away entirely- all this, depending on his mood and sometimes on how he has been treated by the mortals below. And so it is always best to stay on Albrecht the Rainmaker's good side!

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