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Alazahn Prince of the Frost Fae

The Frost Fae are spirits straddling the borders between several different elemental worlds. They are kin to the water nymphs and air spirits- known as sylphs- but Frost Fae also fall under the jurisdiction of the Lords and Ladies of Winter (which includes certain species of Night Hags). To further complicate matters, Frost Fae are also counted among the sub-category of faeries, fae, etc. , collectively known as 'night faeries' (often 'night faeries' are confused with 'dark faeries' or the Court of the Unseelie, but not all spirits of the night are necessarily evil!). They even have a distant relation to the many spirits associated with sleep, for theirs is the realm of winter, and thus the hibernation of plants and animals of all kinds falls under their power. They can bring about such a deep slumber as to make the casual observer believe the sleeper to be dead. However, when a creature thus enchanted awakes from such a slumber, the sleeper is often totally renewed. Some few, however, have been known never to awaken again. Frost Fae can be quite capricious, and should be approached- Alazahn in profile if at all- with great caution and respect… and a viable escape route in mind! Frost Fae often appear to have either white or the palest of icy blue hair often with icicles throughout it. This, in fact, is not hair at all, but finely spun ice crystals, as most of a Frost Fae's body seems to be made of frost and ice (although they have the peculiar habit of wearing the trappings of creatures that seem vulnerable to the cold). Their skin can come in a variety of pale blues with the slightest of blushes to a metallic aqua-marine. Their eyes are dazzling blue-green, and should NEVER be looked into directly by any mortal creature!

Alazahn is the crowned Prince of the Frost Fae, but he is a bit of a nonconformist- thus instead of the typical icy crystal sphere or snow ball that normally denotes the royal station of a Lord of the Frost Fae, Alazahn insists on an ice cube! He is playful, but like all his kind, can still be quite dangerous. As royal members of the Court of the Frost Fae go, however, he can be quite… warm in temperament.

Alazahn rear view

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